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Get an overview of the Spoked features and how to use them to go further within your cycling training.

Training plans

Check out all our training plans in Spoked

Getting started

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Building your plan

All you need to know about building your personalised training plan


A breakdown of your readiness score, training rating and more.

My Week

Understand how to get the most out of your weekly training.


Understand how to measure your training progress, plan overview and more


Understanding around plan priorities, what to do if the plan isn't working for you and goal reports.

Sessions - not completed

Tips on reading your structured workouts, how to export your workouts and why you should not use erg. mode.

Sessions - completed

Tips on how to read your workout stats, what happens when you ride structured on the road and more.

Uploading a ride

All you need to know about uploading ride data into Spoked.

Profile and Settings

Updating, deleting, and configuring for you.

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