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Why train with Spoked?

Most training apps give you copy and paste plans that don’t flex around real life. Spoked is different. Built by professional coaches and shaped by everyday riders, every Spoked plan is personalised to you and adapts based on your training progress and personal feedback. It also works around your life, with full flexibility built in from the start.

Say goodbye to standard, inflexible plans and hello to better results and next level confidence with the smartest, most personal and flexible online coach.
What Spoked riders say
Mark Pratt
Cafe racer
"I was one of the first testers back in 2017. Rich and his team strive to be the best bringing technology and fitness together. As a keen cyclist who wants to improve, Spoked has always delivered in bringing my goals to life."
Andrew Gadd
Para cyclist
"Using Spoked since I joined in 2019 has brought my cycling on leaps and bounds from where I started. Spoked eliminates all the guesswork from training. All you have to do is get on the bike and ride."
Giselle Kerry
A typical club rider - trying to improve performance
"I love Spoked as it is so flexible and allows me to change my schedule at short notice and add in free rides without worrying. The support from the Spoked team is awesome."
Steve Wood
38 year old MTB XC Endurance racer
"Spoked has given me the foundations to be able to race at my best whilst still being able to enjoy riding day in day out."
Trevor Holmes
Casual now, but was a Cat 2
"My personal achievements so far are now - increasing my FTP and average speed by at least 4mph, plus being able to ride 3-4 hours again when I was racing. One other thing to note is the community of Spoked."
Dani Wood
29 year old MTB XC Endurance racer
"Spoked's flexible nature has helped me return to structured training which I fell out of love with many years ago when I held my Elite licence."

Smash your goals with a plan that’s personal to you

No one wants a cookie cutter plan that puts them in a box. Every Spoked plan is 100% personalised, is built around your specific goals and adjusts daily and weekly based on your ride data and feedback. Keeping track of your progress is easy with personal milestones and your readiness score will tell you when it’s time to push and when you should recover.
Here is how Spoked keeps your plan personalised to you

Flex your week and training to suit you

Life rarely goes to plan. Training days turn into family days and bunch rides with mates are too good to pass up. That’s why Spoked’s plans have full flexibility built in, so you can easily move your sessions around when your plans change. Missed a session? No stress. Spoked will automatically adjust your plan to keep you on track to hit your goal.
Check out how you can adjust your training

It’s easy to get started and track your progress

Data should make life easier, not harder. Every Spoked training plan is easy-to-follow and the simple top-line stats help you know where you’re up to and celebrate your progress. Don’t have a power meter or heart rate monitor? Don’t worry, you can also train by feel. It only takes 60 seconds to build your plan and get started. So, what are you waiting for?
How Spoked keeps things simple

Try Spoked for free

Sign up to Spoked today and when you're ready, start your free 30-day Pro Plan trial. No card details asked upfront. Cancel anytime.

What makes Spoked special?

It’s personalised to you and takes care of the guesswork. Has something pop up and you can’t train today, or you’re feeling knackered having dug deep in a ride? What should you do next? Should you carry on or should you scale things back? Spoked helps you answer all these questions just like an online cycling coach, but without costing you £150 + per month.

Thousands of riders have completed workouts using Spoked. They’ve tested it out and shared their feedback at every stage. Together with our community we’ve created the gold standard for online cycling coaching by creating technology that’s personalised, flexible and simple-to-use flexible to use. Don’t just take our word for it, here's what our riders say.

“Spoked offers a tailored cycling plan at a fraction of the cost of other types of coaching. The sessions can be tailored to the type of event you are aiming for and constantly adapts to your availability and fatigue levels.” (Pierre, recreational cyclist)

“Over the years I have used several training programs, including with a coach providing input. Spoked is as close to a "personal coach" as I've experienced with an AI driven program.” (Dan, TT specialist)

Spoked works because its sole purpose is to create a simple, flexible, and personalised cycling training plan – just like a cycling coach would provide for you. You build your own training plan that suits your level and ambition, you’re able to edit your availability anytime throughout the week and Spoked will recalculate your training load based on what you’ve achieved so far and planned. Spoked is the only cycling coaching app to track your readiness and adjust your training plan based on your ride data and personal feedback.

Who can benefit from Spoked's online cycling coaching? Anyone who lives a busy lifestyle, has an attitude of wanting to improve, is goal driven, wants to maximise their limited time to train and ride consistently every week, whether for 2 hours or 20 hours. Thousands of riders all over the world like you choose Spoked to help them go further on the bike.

We’re not asking you to do more on the bike but rather ask you to think differently how you approach your riding. It’s time to say goodbye to out-of-the-box training plans and expensive online cycling coaches with Spoked, your 100% personal and flexible AI cycling coach – available in a simple, easy-to-use app.

Spoked for business

The demand for personalisation is increasing, but crafting a personalised training experience is expensive and time consuming. Why not leverage the Spoked technology to fast track your development, increase revenue and decrease churn. We have a package for you today. Get in touch to find out how we could work together.
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Spoked FAQs

How does Spoked work?

Think of Spoked as your online cycling coach. You set your goal and let Spoked know when you can train (which you can edit anytime), and each session stays personalised to you by analysing your ride and health data, including zone data, perceived difficulty, sleep, mental and physical freshness.

How is Spoked different from an online cycling coach?

Spoked was designed to offer another way to access the benefits of a cycling coach, rather than replace coaches. It’s about giving you a personalised and flexible training plan - at a fraction of the cost. If you do want to work with a cycling coach,
here is a detailed breakdown of what to look for.

Can I read any documentation on how Spoked adjust it's training plans

We document our approach and the science behind each action. Spoked is free to use, so you can test it for yourself.
Discover the science behind the algorithms

How is Spoked different from other training apps?

We’re the only app who is transparent in the way we craft a personalised, flexible and simple training plan for you. We believe the proof is in the pudding (we do like pudding) so why not download Spoked and see for yourself.

How long will it take for me to notice my fitness improving with Spoked?

We believe it’s going to take 3-4 weeks of following our approach to start noticing a difference on the bike. We know that’s a long time, so that’s why we focus on the habits that lead to the outcome you desire. These habits are captured through your Readiness Score, Training Rating Score and progress data that highlight if you’re on the right track.

How much does Spoked cost?

There are two priced plans you can choose between. The Base plan at £3.99 p/m and the Pro plan at £9.99 p/m. You can buy a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription and receive a discount. If you compare Spoked to an online cycling coach, it’s at least 15 times cheaper.

How long is the Pro trial period?

30 days. When you first sign up to Spoked, you'll be on the Starter plan (free plan). Then when you’re ready, you can start your 30-day Pro plan via the subscription page.

Can I use Spoked for free?

Yep - you don’t have to subscribe. You can use the Starter plan and enjoy more flexibility than you'd get from a static cycling training template.

Where can I download Spoked?

You can download Spoked from the Apple and Google app stores.

More questions?

Why not check out our help centre page or simply reach out to us at hello@spoked.ai

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