About Spoked

Learn how Spoked came about and the team helping you train
We believe the word 'personalised' is used too loosely these days.

We want to set the expectation for what a personalised training experience should look and feel like.

When you’re looking to improve you’re generally faced with two options.

A static training template you can buy online or read from a magazine has too many assumptions and let’s be honest, your life is busy and things pop up.

Or you hire a cycling coach, which is great. We’re all for it - but it can be expensive. Especially if you want the personalised service. Not the copy and paste job.

So we’ve taken the best of both worlds - accessibility and personalisation - to create another option for how you to train. This enables you to train in a smarter way with the goal to become fitter and faster.

This is bundled up into an easy-to-use and slick app, or if you’re a business, you can leverage the Spoked technology through a number of simple options.

Founder story

Since the age of 16, all Richard Lang wanted to become was a professional cyclist. Between 2009 to 2013 he was fortunate enough to represent Australia and win a few cool races along the way. However, sometimes your dreams always don’t work out, but with this experience it wasn't wasted.

Making the transition from a cyclist to building Spoked at the end of 2016, was a natural fit. In that period of time, Richard established a cycling community called Haute Rouleurs in Manchester and focused on helping people achieve their goals, deliver cycling events and overseas trips.

As the demand for coaching grew, the time to deliver personalised plans became tighter. There had to be a smarter way, where riders have a personalised plans without needing to break the bank. So together with a small group of investors the first iteration of Spoked was created late 2016.

Over the next few years, Spoked grew through consistent feedback from riders, coaches and experts in the field. Richard and the team are always curious and challenging the relationship between hard science, coaching expertise and the rider experience. It’s the blend of all these 3 elements that makes Spoked unique. It’s bundled into a clean and crisp app that enables riders to train smarter in a simple way - so they can become fitter and faster.

Meet the team

A passionate and dedicated team that is focused on helping people get more out of their cycling training.

Richard Lang


Lee Murphy

Tech lead

William Farnell-Smith

Front end developer

Dr Nic Berger

Sports scientist

Viv Paranjape

Full stack developer

Rosina Pissaco

Product Designer

Interested in joining our growing team?

Everyone on our team brings something different to our culture and our product. If you think you can contribute to our mission - please reach out to hello@spoked.ai with a little information about yourself