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Last updated:
December 14, 2022

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How to export into Zwift / other virtual programmes

To export your Spoked ride into Zwift you need to:

  1. Connect Spoked to TrainingPeaks
  2. Connect TrainingPeaks to Zwift or the virtual programme/device you train with
  3. Head into the Spoked session you want to ride and tap Export
  4. Look for TrainingPeaks in the list, select Power and then Export

Remember, to make sure your FTP or FTHR value is aligned with the third party platform you'll complete your workout on.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use the TrainingPeaks integration, you can manually download your zwo.file and manually move the file into your desktop Zwift folder under ‘Workouts’ and your user number, for example, ‘455798’.

To download your zwo.file, follow the same process as above but instead of pressing Export, press Download at the top of the page. When you do, please make sure your FTP in Spoked is aligned with the FTP found in Zwift.

What subscription tiers are there?

There are three subscription tiers; Starter, Base and Pro.

Is there a Free plan?

Yes, there is a free plan. When you first sign up to Spoked, you'll start on the free plan. When you're ready, you'll start your 30 day Pro Plan with no card details asked. At the end of the free Pro Plan, you can choose to either subscribe to the Pro or Base plan or drop back down to the Starter plan.

Still need help?

With over a thousand riders, our Discord is the best place to get immediate help from the community.