How Spoked works

Say goodbye to out-of-the-box training plans and expensive online coaches with Spoked’s 100% personal and flexible AI cycling coach.

Available in a simple, easy-to-use app.

Smash your goals with a plan that’s personal to you

Every training plan is built around you and adjusts daily based on five key inputs: actual vs planned time in each zone, perceived difficulty, sleep quality, mental and physical freshness.
Suggested hours
Know exactly how much you should train to reach your goal.
Weekly updates
Your plan automatically adjusts based on five key inputs.
Adaptive mode
Sessions adjust daily based on your ride data and feedback.
Readiness score
Understand how fresh you are based on how you feel.
Personal milestones
Celebrate your progress with your top ten achievements.
Training rating
Clearly know if you’re making progress without need to ride a PB

Flex your week and training to suit you

Easily move around or update your sessions if your plans change and Spoked will automatically flex your training to keep you on track to smash your goal.
100% unique training plans
Input your goal, availability and how you feel to enjoy a plan built for you.
Training flexibility
Choose whether you train by power, heart rate or feel.
Edit training time
Something pop up? Simply edit your training anytime and change your sessions to suit you.
Free rides
Have a race or a bunch ride with friends. Add that into Spoked.
Update your goals
Add or change your training goals anytime you like.
Other activities
Gym workout, running session? No worries, add it into your training plan

It’s easy to get started and track your progress

Spoked’s training plans are simple to follow and the stats help you see your progress each week. Designed for riders at all levels, getting started couldn’t be easier.
Fast set-up
Build your personal plan in less than 60 seconds.
Clear instructions
Every ride has a simple set of easy-to-follow steps.
Simple ride analysis
See your top-line stats at a glance and track your progress.
Dedicated support
The Spoked team is always on hand to help you out.
Supportive community
You’re not alone - Spoked riders learn and ride together.

Have your say

Spoked is built by coaches and sports scientists, but it’s shaped by our riders. They let us know what’s working (and what’s not) and give us new ideas for features that will make their cycling experience even better. Get involved and help shape what we do next.
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