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Last updated:
December 14, 2022

Coaches advice

Everything you need to know about connecting with third party apps


How to set up Touch/Face ID

It’s easy to do. Head into Settings (via the three lines / top right of the app), tap on Touch/Face ID and then enter your password. Remember, if you change your password, you’ll need to update it here too.

How to change my subscription plan

To cancel your subscription, you can do sowithin the Apple ID or Google ID settings that are found in your phone settings. If you want to change from Pro to Base, or Base to Pro - simply take on subscribe on the tier you want to move to.

How to delete my account

Go to Settings (via the three lines / top right of the app), tap on Delete account and follow the instructions. You must know your password to delete your account.  

How do I update my FTP/FTHR?

This is found in your Profile. Tap on the three lines / top right of the app, tap Profile and you’ll see FTP and FTHR. Tap on this, and now you can update your values.

How do I change my email address and password?

Go to Settings (via the three lines / top right of the app), tap on either Email or Change password. From there, follow the instructions to change your details

What platforms does Spoked connect to?

Spoked connects to a number of platforms

  • Garmin -  import ride data and export your workouts
  • TrainingPeaks - export your workouts
  • Wahoo -  import ride data
  • Strava -  import ride data

The best way to export your workouts in different devices and virtual worlds is to use the TrainingPeaks app. All you need is to connect TrainingPeaks to the other platform you want to ride the workout in and it will appear in one tap. Remember, if you have the free version of TrainingPeaks, you can only export the current day.

Still need help?

With over a thousand riders, our Discord is the best place to get immediate help from the community.