Uploading a ride

Last updated:
April 19, 2023

Coaches advice

It's never been simple to upload a ride into Spoked. To achieve this

  1. Ensure Spoked is connected to the third party platform before you start your workout
  2. The first third party platform you connect to will be your priority connection. You can always change this in settings
  3. Once you've completed your ride, head back into Spoked
  4. In Spoked, you'll see the workout card glowing. This means Spoked has paired your ride
  5. Tap on the glowing card, and input how hard you found the ride
  6. Tap View Results and be taking to your session results


My rides are not syncing with Spoked?

Please make sure you’ve connected your account before you’ve started your first workout. If you haven’t, you’ll need to reupload your ride to the third party platform connected to Spoked.

What if I’ve uploaded the wrong ride?

Not to worry, you can reset your workout and assign the correct workout file. In the complete workout you want to reset, tap “reset” at the top of the page. Then tap the complete workout to be taken to the upload form.

How can I change the priority partner?

Simply head into settings and toggle on the partner you want to be the priority. In doing so, will toggle off your previous priority partner.

How do I complete a workout if I have no ride data?

Go into the workout you want to complete, and tap complete workout. You’ll be taken to the upload form where you’ll be asked about your ride and how difficult it was.

I still have no luck uploading a ride?

If everything fails, please get in touch with us - hello@spoked.ai and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Still need help?

With over a thousand riders, our Discord is the best place to get immediate help from the community.