Let's compare
Spoked vs Zwift
Spoked is your cycling coach to help you ride faster and further in Zwift. Each plan is personalised to you. You’re in control. Here’s how Spoked makes it happen for you.

Zwift is the virtual world to test your gains coached by Spoked

Zwift is a great platform to connect with riders and it makes riding on the indoor trainer more enjoyable, but you're here for a reason. You may be tired of following a static training plans that don't fit into every day life, looking for the edge to beat your friends in that next race or simply want to become more consistent on the bike. If that's you, Spoked can help you. Let us show you.

So what sets Spoked apart from Zwift?

Here are nine ways where Spoked is smarter.

Build your training plan

Get started with 5 easy and simple steps.

Personalised to you

Every week your plan adjusts on 5 key variables.

Edit your training time

You have full control and flexibility.

Clear ride instructions

Simple and easy to understand session instructions with personalised feedback.

Upload your data

The blend between data and your personal feedback makes each plan unique.

Ride analysis

Clearly see where you rode well and how accurate your followed the plan

Your progress matters

Know exactly how well you’re riding and areas for improvement

New goals, no worries

Easily add them into your training plan and your plan automatically adjusts.


Join the community of like minded people who back each

Build your personalised training plan

With Spoked, there are 5 simple steps that cover your goal type, time to train, fitness levels and how fresh you currently are. This ensures you start on the right pedal stroke.
With Zwift, you can't input what days you want to ride. Plus your current mental and physical freshess isn't accounted for.

Your training plan adjusts to you

With Spoked, every week your plan adjusts on 5 variables; planned v. actual of the time in zones, perceived difficulty, sleep quality, mental and physical freshness. This ensures you become fitter in a smarter way.
With Zwift, your plan doesn't adjust. It stays static not matter how you're riding or feeling.

Edit your training time. Anytime.

With Spoked, if something gets in the way of training, or if you want to go out in that bunch ride or do a gym session - it's all good. Just add it as a free ride or other activity and Spoked automatically makes the adjustments for you.
With Zwift, you can't. You can move the session at least.

Know exactly what you need to ride and why

With Spoked, every planned ride has detailed feedback outlining what you need to focus on based on how you performed last time and it’s overall impact. Plus you can flip between indoor and outdoor structures.
With Zwift, there will be just static feedback outlining how to ride the session.

Upload your ride and personal data

With Spoked, it understands coaching is the sweet science of hard data and your personal feedback. So we analyse your ride data, perceived difficulty, sleep quality, mental and physical freshness.
With Zwift, you just upload ride data with no feedback on how it felt or how you're going.

Clearly see how well you rode

With Spoked, clearly see how you rode each zone with a session accuracy score tied in with personal feedback on how this session has impacted your week.
With Zwift, you can view your power line but it lacks guidance of how this will affect your training plan.

Don’t trawl through data to understand your progress

With Spoked, know what your top 10 personal bests are for each milestone duration. Plus know how closely you're following the plan and tracking from a weekly perspective.
With Zwift, just see your top benchmarks.

New goals, no worries

With Spoked, you can build your cycling season with all different kinds of event goals instantly. Just set the event type and event date and it's done.
With Zwift, you're just stuck on one static training plan.

It’s better to ride together

With Spoked be part of a community of like minded people who want to see each other succeed. Plus you have direct access to professional riders and people expert in their fields. All included within the monthly price.
With Zwift, you ride with others but you don't have access to experts in their field to help support your personal questions.

Start riding your personalised Spoked sessions in Zwift

If you don’t improve over 30 days using Spoked, we’ll give you your money back. Plus, there is a 14 day free trial, no card details asked - you have nothing to lose and speed to gain.

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