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December 14, 2022

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Top three things you need to know

How to edit your training availability

When should you adjust your trianing?

The best way to use Free ride and other activities

Difference between Recalculate week v. These changes only


How to complete a workout

To complete a workout, go to the day you completed that workout. Tap on the workout, then tap “complete workout”.

The difference between Structured, free ride and other activity

There are three types of workouts in Spoked.

  • A structured workout - has zone targets that you can ride outdoors or in.
  • Free ride - a non structured workout. Typically this would include a bunch ride or online race.
  • Other activity - a non-cycling activity that has an impact on your cycling training. This will be ranked by the difficulty you give it.

What are peak rides?

A peak ride is shown in the last seven days leading up to a high or medium priority event. This peak session is aligned to a milestone that is tied to your goal demands.

The purpose of a peak ride

When you can, it's recommended to follow the peak ride routine as it's been optimised for you to arrive on your event day, ready to go. This routine has been designed by science to ensure you get the right balance between work and rest leading into your event.

It allows you to compare sensations and numbers over time across the different events and therefore build confidence, because you know exactly where you're going to be. But of course, life gets in the way as with your best intentions, riding comes second. With that in mind, when you ride your final 7 days you ride a routine that you can replicate with each event.

What makes Peak rides different to planned rides and other activities?

There are a number of considerations you need to be aware of, but at the end of the day - you need to pick a routine that suits how/when you can train:

  • Peak rides override all planned rides during a taper week
  • Planned rides will not appear in My plan if a peak ride is present on that day
  • You can still add Free rides and Other activities to Peak ride days
  • If you want to ride a planned ride instead, the peak ride should be deleted in the edit form, and the form saved. Then reopen the edit form and add/edit planned rides as normal.
  • If a peak ride is deleted from a day that has a planned ride already present, the planned ride will now appear on the My plan page without needing to revisit the edit form.
  • Peak ride rest days - Peak rides in the edit form that don't have a duration displayed represent a "peak rest day" (i.e a rest day that is added as part of the taper week). These will also have the same effects as the above and should be deleted to allow planned rides to be added.

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