Building your plan

Last updated:
December 14, 2022

Coaches advice

How to pick what training plan to ride

How to build your first training week

How to set your FTP in Spoked if you don't know it


I picked the wrong plan. Can I update it?

Yes you can. The best way to update your plan is to start fresh. To achieve this, you need to head to Plans and either tap on the option to Build your own plan or Get started now. Once you’ve tapped one, you’ll need to type in the word ‘delete’ to continue the process

What do plan priorities mean?

Priorities are a way of ranking your plans in order of importance. Check out the Plans help area for more information.

The difference between event v performance v default plans?

An event is typically geared towards a particular event where you’re able to set the priority of the plan. Performance plans are focused on an element of your cycling. These are good plans to ride when you’re in between events. Default plans is the option for Get started now. It’s a varied plan that will have a mixture of short to long efforts.

Still need help?

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