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Only when you’re ready, start the Pro Plan for 30 days
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Starter Plan
£0 per month
Better than a static training template and for people just getting started.
Base Plan
£3.99 per month
Billed monthly
In between goals, looking for high level guidance on what to do next.
Pro Plan
£ 9.99 per month
Billed monthly
Committed to the training plan and want the full personalised experience.

Want a discount?

Receive a discount if you purchase a 3 month, 6 month or
12 month cycling coaching package up front.

More details found inside the Spoked app

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The demand for personalisation is increasing. Crafting an personalised training experience is expensive and time consuming. Why not, leverage the Spoked technology to fast track your development, increase revenue and decrease churn. We have a package for you today. Get in touch.
Included in all tiers
Reset, move and skip sessions
Edit your schedule
Complete health stats
Complete sessions with activity import
(Garmin, Strata and Wahoo)
Download Zwift ride file
View completed session metrics
Use a default plan
Plan builder
Build your own plan
Goal taper week
Goal priorities
Multi-goal plans (add goal)
Access to all goals
Adaptive mode
Update FTP/FTHR base on ride and perceived performance
Adapative mode - training adjusts weekly
Adapative mode - training adjust daily
Weekly schedule
Suggested training hours
Recalculate week after editing schedule
Training insight
Weekly stats
Plan progress data
Training rating
Plan overview
Goal reports
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How do I pay for Spoked?

You pay through Apple Pay or Google Pay found in the subscription page within Spoked. You’ll only be charged at the point you enter your card details. Depending on what bundle you’ve bought, you’ll be charged at the end of each time frame; 1, 3, 6 or 12 month periods - unless you cancel.

Will I be charged automatically when I start the Pro Plan trial?

No, you will not. When you first sign up to Spoked, you’ll start on the Starter Plan (it’s free). When you’re ready, you start the Pro Plan, which is accessed via the subscription page in Spoked.

No card details are needed to start the 30 day Pro Plan trial. Then at the end of the free trial period, you decide if you want to subscribe to the Pro plan, Basic plan or simply drop back down the Starter plan.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, this is found within your Google or Apple subscription settings (not inside Spoked).

If I purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month Pro Plan and then downgrade to the Basic Plan will I receive a partial refund?

No, unfortunately you won’t receive a partial refund. Your current subscription will run its course and then if you choose to continue, your subscription would auto-new on the new plan you selected.

Can you extend my trial?

Something came up when you started your trial and want some more time to decide if Spoked is right for you? Please send us a email to

What if I have more questions?

No problem, get in touch with us at and we’ll answer them.