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Levelling up on the bike, is not just about adding watts to your FTP. It's about building your knowledge base and learning the finer details cycling. This is where the Spoked community comes in. It's a friendly place to learn from experts and share your experiences. We're in it together. Check it out.
Mark Pratt
Cafe racer
"I was one of the first testers back in 2017. Rich and his team strive to be the best bringing technology and fitness together. As a keen cyclist who wants to improve, Spoked has always delivered in bringing my goals to life."
Andrew Gadd
Para cyclist
"Using Spoked since I joined in 2019 has brought my cycling on leaps and bounds from where I started. Spoked eliminates all the guesswork from training. All you have to do is get on the bike and ride."
Giselle Kerry
A typical club rider - trying to improve performance
"I love Spoked as it is so flexible and allows me to change my schedule at short notice and add in free rides without worrying. The support from the Spoked team is awesome."
Steve Wood
38 year old MTB XC Endurance racer
"Spoked has given me the foundations to be able to race at my best whilst still being able to enjoy riding day in day out."
Trevor Holmes
Casual now, but was a Cat 2
"My personal achievements so far are now - increasing my FTP and average speed by at least 4mph, plus being able to ride 3-4 hours again when I was racing. One other thing to note is the community of Spoked."
Dani Wood
29 year old MTB XC Endurance racer
"Spoked's flexible nature has helped me return to structured training which I fell out of love with many years ago when I held my Elite licence."
Mick Chappel
Club rider
"Have been using Spoked a while now and have improved massively, the improvements in the times of some of my time trials have amazed me."
Stu Richardson
Late starter, trying to get improve my cycling
"Spoked takes away the guess work with structured training to help hit my cycling goals but is flexible enough to adapt when life gets in the way."
Robert Booth
Obsessive enthusiast
"I love Spoked for not just keeping my weekly targets in check and making sure I'm not doing too much or too little, but also the great community we have that results in a solid shared identity, as well as the contributions we make towards Spoked being a highly personalised training tool."
Keith Jones
All round enthusiast, commuting, touring, adventuring cyclist
"Spoked is the only training system I’ve ever stuck with - it moulds structured and progressive training sessions around MY availability which is always motivating and never daunting. Excellent tool for busy people who want to improve. Using Spoked to get more competitive in veterans Cyclocross and Time Trial races."
Peter Hopley
Youth racer
"As a youth rider schoolwork is always important so one of my favourite features of Spoked is how flexible it is. If I get weeks with a higher or lower school work load I can adjust the plan to fit around. This is also great as it allows me to incorporate club sessions and events into your plan which gives a large amount of freedom in my training. As a bonus to this the Spoked community is extremely supportive, friendly and willing to share advice."
Max Bufton
Youth A (under 16) racing road and track at national level
"Spoked was first time on a training plan and was very easy to set up and use. After using Spoked for a few months I had seen big increases in power PB's, which helped me to secure a place on welsh cyclings youth program."