Notes for features, fixes, and shout outs of each app release.
New checklist of main actions

Making a list and checking it twice. This is what this release is about. When you now first arrive into your plan, there is a clear checklist that walks you through each main action to unlock Spoked’s potential.


You know what’s a pain. Having to put your card details in to activate a trial. At Spoked we want to give you the freedom to check out if it’s right for you in the most simple manner. So this update is improving this area so you can easily activate your trial.

new submit week page
New submit week controls

You know that feeling when you wake up for a big event, you’re full of nerves and excitement.

This is what this release is all about. We’ve improved a number of areas from the submit week flow with new coaching insight and controls to effect next week, tweaked the plan builder sequence, allowed you to add in recovery rides anytime and the biggie, letting Spoked set your week for you based on your plan level and difficulty. Enjoy.


Always be moving forward. This is what this release is about. That’s to the rider community they’ve identified two issues around the plan overview and time zone differences. We’re pleased to report, with this release it’s all sorted. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Spoked Auto sync

Say hello to Auto sync. Spoked automatically pairs your ride data to the workout you’ve just ridden. This makes it even easier and faster to see your results. So look out for the new glowing workout card.

We’ve introduced a new onboarding slideshow to ensure you know exactly which features will maximise your cycling performance. Plus, there are a bunch of bug fixes and small tweaks to keep things riding smoothly.


  • Upload - new auto sync flow
  • Settings - set your priority connection for upload
  • Overall - an onboarding tour to ensure you're clear on the key Spoked features


  • My week - tweaked the submit week notification
  • Overall - be able to delete your account
  • Overall - be able to close certain modals


Since the last release that included the new notifications a bug crawled in around when you reopened the Spoked app. The team has gone to work and squashed this bug quickly. Thank you for your patience and let’s continue to make 2023 the best one yet.


A new notification for when a new activity arrives

New features in Spoked

What’s this appearing on my home screen? Yes, we’ve built a new notification centre that is focused on helping you get the most out of Spoked. To start, there will be a new alert for when a new activity is ready to upload.

Parallel to this, we’ve been working on the foundation for auto sync and have improved the start trial flow to ensure you take advantage of your free 30 day Pro Plan with no card details needed.

Lastly, a few small tweaks have been made to ensure you have smooth experience at Spoked.  


  • Overall - new notification structure and activity alert


  • Session - the right effort points are shown within post session results
  • My week - removed the complete workout in past weeks
  • Overall - daily health stats alert works for Android
  • Overall - improved start free pro trial design
  • Overall - tweaked adaptive mode for when your training can't be scaled up or down anymore

Measure twice, cut once. We did not follow this and slipped up in the last release where new riders couldn't get started. So we've sorted this issue out in this release. Sorry about the inconvenience.


A new alert to ensure you add workouts to your plan

A new alert in Spoked

And just like that, it’s update no. 2 for the year. Like this first, we decided to focus on some admin and bug fixing before we start to dive into the juicy stuff. So what’s next on the horizon? There is going to be a big focus on simplifying the current flows and nudging you in the right direction so you can get more out of your cycling and Spoked.


  • Subscription - ensure base and pro prices are correct
  • My week - the graph in stats tab on is showing the correct data
  • Plan builder - a new alert for when no sessions have been added
  • Sessions - are able to expand the records card

A bunch of small tweaks to makes things clearer

New updates in Spoked

And we’re off the mark for 2023. This release is a small but an essential one. It’s like when you need to oil your chain to make sure you have a smooth ride. That’s this release. It includes a number of tweaks and small improvements around subscriptions, plans and when you open Spoked up. Keep your eyes peeled on the next one. It’s going to be good!


  • Suggested hours: the right suggested hours is shown
  • Upload: Added in an upload count to the starter plan riders. Starter plan riders, are only allowed 3 x data uploads per week
  • Zones: Tweaked the HR zones to align FTHR inside zone 4
  • Overall: Fixed where a blank screen appears sometimes for Apple users
  • Overall: Make it clearer where you're not directed to your email, if you want to send Spoked an email
  • Overall: Show the right currency symbol within looking at the subscription pages
  • Overall: When moving from the Starter plan to the free 30 day PRO plan, all the goals are shown.

Introducing new pricing structure

Dec, 19th 2022

Tiers in Spoked

Did you know this is our 24th update for the year. That’s 24 updates of helping you get more out of cycling. For the last one of the year it’s focused on introducing new pricing tiers that aligns to your different motivation levels throughout the season and features split based on how you follow a personalised training plan. Plus, there is a new way to activate your trial period where you’re in control. And no, we don’t ask you to enter your card details upfront. No one likes that.

Let’s make 2023 the best one yet!


Deeper insight in how you’re training and a better understand of weekly commitment

Nov, 29th 2022

Spoked training insight

You know what’s better than receiving a Xmas present on Xmas day? Receiving one before Xmas day. That is what this update is all about.

On the home screen, you’ll see your new training rating score that will tell you how smart you're training.

The new suggested hours feature lets you know if you're riding enough to achieve your goal ambition. So you can train with confidence.

Plus there are a bunch of all round improvements. Enjoy.


  • Training rating - new plan insight around training time, accuracy, effort and ambition
  • Plan builder - be able to add goal ambition and level to define how many hours/rest days a rider should aim for each week
  • Edit form - suggested hours and rest days based on goal ambition and level


  • Overall - time zone issue when uploading on the current day
  • Overall - removed the individual help centre articles. Riders will now be directed to a centralised directory page
  • Upload - removed the word “Strava” from the upload form to avoid confusion
  • Plans - disabled add new goal when there is no active or future goals
  • Notification - updated the copy to reflect the time pressure
  • Other activity - renamed “Your Ride” to Other activity” in the upload form to avoid confusion
  • Upload - improvements around disconnecting / reconnecting third party accounts.

Squashing a couple of bugs

Nov, 3rd 2022

Not a super exciting release this one, with some fixes around onboarding and the upload form. After all, if you could eat your favourite cake every day, would it taste as good?

Also, since the last release there has been a bunch of performance tweaks under the hood that happen every week regardless of new app updates.

Plus, it’s not long now before a bunch of new features drop focused on helping you understand what to expect from a training plan and how to measure progress without hitting a PB.


  • Onboarding - making sure your FTP/FTHR is not reset
  • Uploaded - removed the word Strava from where it states “Your account is connected”

Tidying up a couple of things

Sep, 21st 2022

For this release, it isn’t as good as the last one. There are a couple of bug fixes around the readiness and your status for subscription.

But did you know the furthest someone has ridden in one day was 941 kms at the Velodrome Suisse. There is a good chance Christoph Strasser’s readiness score would be low the next day.


  • Fixed the weighting for sleep time and sleep quality for baselines.
  • Added the contribution explainer paragraph.
  • Updated the subscription status so that it would say "Active" once you're subscribed even if your trial hasn't run out.

How you’re doing today

Sep, 13th 2022

Spoked readiness score

You know that feeling when you put in your fast wheels for the first summer ride? This is what this release will feel like. Based on your feedback, we’ve developed our own readiness score to help you understand how you’re doing today and identify what habits you can improve on. To become a faster bike rider, it is built by what you do off the bike. Plus there are a bunch of improvements etc for you to enjoy.


  • Spoked readiness score
  • Upload - Removed health stats from upload form
  • Upload - improve Wahoo upload capabilities
  • Sessions - Added in the grey tick
  • Emails - improve webhook triggering

Switch it off and back on

July, 26th 2022

Disconnect your accounts

The old switch off, switch on trick tends to sort most things out when it comes to tech misbehaving. So in this short but snappy release, you now have the functionality to disconnect your Garmin, TrainingPeaks, Strava and/or Wahoo account inside Spoked. Just remember, rides uploaded before connecting to Spoked won't be pulled in.


  • Settings - be able to Disconnect the third party platforms inside Spoked
  • Settings - version number displayed at the bottom of the settings page
  • Appearance - reduced the depth of the shadows

Squashing a bug around upload

July, 7th 2022

Spoked upload form

You know when you live with something in the house and you don't notice it, till a friend comes round and goes what's that? Well, that's what Bruno helped us out with. He spotted a bug where the upload form didn't always update to match exact way you were riding. Our bad, but now it's fixed. Unfortunately, these little bugs slip through the net time to time. So if you spot anything, please drop us a note at


  • Upload - the data upload form will always appear if you’re connected to Strava, Wahoo and/or Garmin

New plan context and updated colours 💅

June, 13th 2022

Spoked new colour scheme

Notice anything different? Well in this release we’ve given light mode and dark mode a few touch ups around the edges. We hope you like them. Plus you wanted to know how each plan can help you, so now there is added context and its benchmark focus. Lastly there are a couple of tweaks that all add up to creating a nicer Spoked experience for you.


  • Overall - updated colour scheme
  • Plans - new plan context and benchmark focus


  • Notifications - ensure the notification appears when set
  • Progress - changed the benchmark graph to a spider graph to provide finer insight
  • Overall - when there is a 2 input values, 0 become default when only 1 value is entered


New calendar 🗓

May 27th 2022

Spoked calendar

Thanks to Sean who is part of the Spoked community. He noticed something was up with the new calendar that was built in the last release. So we’ve gone to work and made amends. Now you’ll see our own calendar that will open up every time. If you notice something up in Spoked, we always want to hear from you.


  • Overall - crafted a new calendar that opens every time, all the time.

Adaptive mode activated ⚡️

May, 23rd 2022

Adaptive mode

You know what’s better than the creation of sliced bread? Adaptive mode. Now every session you complete will potentially adjust your training plan. Just think you’ll pay a coach over £200 for this monthly service. Plus you can now turn on/off and set the time for notifications, My week has been split into two - schedule and stats, you can delete your account and use Face ID.


  • My week - it’s been split into two pages; schedule: your weekly training plan and stats: your weekly stats
  • Overall - adaptive mode. Your plan will automatically adjust based on each completed session. You can also turn this off within settings, where your plan will adapt weekly.
  • Overall - you’re able to turn on / off and set the time for the daily check notification
  • Overall - you’re able to delete your account via settings
  • Overall - be able to log in with Face ID


  • Upload - edited the Wahoo connection as it wasn’t pulling in all rides
  • Overall - when a new rider signs up, they always need to complete the onboarding questions
  • Overall - fixed up the boarders and shadows across light and dark mode
  • Overall - implemented a calendar to select plan start and end dates

Working on the feng-shui

April, 14th 2022

Spoked session page and plans screen

We’ve worked on the feng-shui within Spoked for this release by improving a number of areas to make it even simpler to train smarter.

There is now a new plans section so anything related to plans is in one place, improved the session page (pre-upload) and relocated profiles and settings. Lastly, we’ve made the initial onboarding easier for you to understand what your next steps should be for getting started.


  • Plans - a new page access via the footer for all things plans
  • Sessions - simplify the page (pre upload) so you can easily understand what you need to ride and why
  • Overall - your profile, settings, help and log out can now be access via a hamburger menu generally anywhere in Spoked
  • Overall - an improved onboarding experience for new riders so you know exactly what your next step should be
  • Overall - when you recalculate your week, your future sessions will factor in previous ridden sessions you’ve completed during the week


  • Overall - improved the transitions behind the scene when moving through the Spoked

More training flexibility

March, 15th 2022

Spoked screnshot

It never gets easier, you just get faster.

And to get faster, you need to train smarter. This is where Spoked can help you. Now when you edit your week you have two choices, you can update the whole week or just the changes you’ve made. It’s all about keeping it balanced. Plus Spoked now pulls in data from Garmin and Wahoo. And the help content has moved inside Spoked.


  • Home - link to the Spoked Club added into home
  • Upload - be able to connect to wahoo, that enables you to import your completed sessions
  • Upload - be able to import your completed Garmin workouts
  • Edit time to train - be able to recalculate the whole week or just update the sessions edited
  • Overall - help content accessed now within Spoked


  • Sign in - increased the speed to log in
  • Sessions - pre session comments don’t change when re-entering the session
  • Sessions - fixed the workout time being cut off
  • Sessions - made it faster to calculate back end logic to display rider results
  • My plan - fixed a recovery week bug where sessions weren’t seen in My plan
  • Profile - fixed weight value not being saved
  • Upload - improved the Strava upload connection
  • Progress - made it faster to load around milestones
  • Overall - changed a few pickers into input boxes to make it easier to enter values
  • Overall - updated caching when signing in

Going dark mode

Feb, 10th 2022

Spoked light and dark mode

You know that feeling when you receive a new bike for Christmas? Well it’s been reported the same feeling is achieved with the release of dark mode for Spoked. We’ve also created an insightful plan report to help you measure and highlight your progress. Plus there is added context around building your first week within the plan builder flow.

Lastly we tidied up areas around home, my plan, progress, subscription and the initial loading.


  • Progress - plan report found within goals
  • Plan builder - new content to help you how to plan your first week
  • Overall - Dark mode


  • Sign up - improved the initial loading experience
  • Sign up - if email is already in use when signing up, error message is shown
  • Home - removed error when no plans are present
  • My plan - correct date for when submitting a week
  • My plan - improved the speed of loading
  • Session / Progress - updated logic for accuracy
  • Session - more padding for session accuracy
  • Session - updated event day copy
  • Sessions - edited the formatting around unit of measurements
  • Goals - can add the same goal twice with different dates
  • Subscription - allowed a rider to subscribe before trial period is over
  • Progress - removed the decimals from sleep quality %
  • Algorithm - fixed recovery week logic
  • Upload - tighten up the Strava upload back end flow

Quick adjustment

Jan, 21st 2022

You know how you want to take your bike in for a service before a big race or event. It’s about tightening a few things up. This is what this release is about. Before we go live with dark mode and a new plan report, we wanted to fix a few small things under the hood.


Tooltips, Android back button and bug squashing

Jan, 11th 2022

Spoked insight tips

Did you know ants have superhuman strength? These bugs are pretty cool. What’s not cool are bugs in Spoked. This release has been focused on getting rid of them to improve your experience.

Plus we’ve introduced tooltips across Spoked and for Android users, you can now use the phone’s back button to make it smoother moving about.


  • Tooltips - to help riders understand certain concepts in more detail
  • Overall - use Android back button to move back in Spoked
  • Overall - new images within the app stores to reflect the new designs


  • Sign in - updated error message for incorrect email when trying to reset password
  • Sign in - reduced time to load the app
  • My plan - jumping a week ahead when double clicking the CTA quickly
  • My plan - adjusted copy to state “edit day” instead of “add activity”
  • My plan - for people with tablets, can now submit their week. The main CTA was hidden
  • My plan - for weekly effort status and colours match based on rider’s efforts
  • My plan - removed the ability to double click “Plan next week” as this may generate 2 x weeks at once.
  • My plan - speed up the page load
  • Plan builder - fixed spelling mistake within performance card
  • Sessions - zone 6 for heart rate is now not based on benchmarks
  • Sessions - removed planned elements from free ride post session page
  • Sessions - removed Spoked points decimals from TrainingPeaks description
  • Upload - for entering data manually, “how long did your ride for?” it’s clearer on time breakdown
  • Upload - can upload simple data e.g. distance or speed within free rides
  • Progress - adjusted the spacing between number v. units
  • Subscription - ensure to lock out riders post trial date
  • Overall - removed error code 6777020 from being seen.
  • Overall - stopped Spoked crashing when updating a free ride

This one is a biggie

Dec, 15th 2021

Spoked homepage and my week page

I feel the need… The need for speed!

And this has been the focus of this release. We’ve measured how long it takes to blink 3 times. Now that’s the time it takes to load the areas around Home, My plan and Progress. Plus, there is a cool redesign across the main pages because it’s nearly Xmas.

We’ve also tweaked the initial loading of Spoked, peak rides, plan overview, profile and squashed a number of bugs along the way.


  • Sign in - new initial loading screen
  • Home - insight article around turbo training for beginners
  • My plan - weekly report can be accessed at the top of the screen
  • Progress - overall plan distance, time and elevation
  • Sessions and My plan - a new way to display ride effort with Spoked points
  • Overall - updated the design across the app


  • Sign in - you can access main CTA on register on a small screen
  • Home - speed up
  • Home - when plan data is set for the future, illustration of no activities is present
  • My Plan - when week is submitted, copy within confirmation box is updated to mention health stats that haven’t been completed
  • My Plan - speed up
  • My Plan - when plan finishes, make it clearer on how to build a new plan
  • My Plan - updated the colours for other and free ride as no planned data can be compared to it
  • My Plan - updated title of Other to Other activity
  • Sessions - added in a tooltip for peak rides for further clarity on their actions
  • Sessions - display the correct distance
  • Sessions - for small screens, able to see the main CTA to move the session to another day
  • Sessions - skip button is visible across all screen sizes
  • Sessions - updated the accuracy card title
  • Sessions - removed the (i) on overall card, as it didn’t lead anywhere
  • Sessions - added more space for the help link within the export page
  • Sessions - updated the zwift name to something more rider friendly
  • Edit time to train - be able to edit peak ride duration and updated help article
  • Progress - speed up
  • Progress - updated accuracy card tile and added line of copy for context
  • Progress - squashed bug that allowed the bars to exceed on the chart
  • Progress - added shadow boxes around cards
  • Progress - the correct phases colours are displayed
  • Overall - Moved notification time asking for health stats to 8.30 am

Less equals more

Nov, 15th 2021

Less equals more and we’re big believers in this. When you train, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with data and it needs to be super simple to follow.

So this week we’ve tidied up elements around My Plan and being able to move rides, when you shouldn’t be able to. Plus you can now edit your milestones (no cheating now) and there is a little reminder to complete your health stats everyday.

Lastly, squashed bugs around progress, home and profile.


  • Help card - link to the Discord community
  • Progress - able to edit your milestones
  • My Plan - removed the tabs at the top to create a simpler layout
  • Home - insight articles; What’s new and How to ride your Spoked session in Zwift


  • Sessions - moved post session comment to underneath to Spoked points as it was creating confusion
  • Sessions - removed the ability to move a peak ride within the session menu
  • Sessions - removed the ability to move the ride, when looking at past weeks.
  • Profile - can move between edit zones and view zones easily now
  • Edit time to train - can edit any day of the week when submitting your week
  • Home - removed a bug when there was no active plan that kept you on the loading screen

Measure twice, cut once.

Nov, 5th 2021

Measure twice, cut once. Or test 10 times, release once.

In the last release there was a bug around locking out some riders when you’re subscribed. This has now been squashed (thank you for patience).

Plus, you can now set your FTP/FTHR to 0, there is an alert for selecting your training type when FTP/FTHR is set to 0 and sped up the submit week process by 70%


  • Profile - alert appears if selecting power or heart rate as led training type, when FTP or FTHR is set to 0


  • Profile - able to set FTP and/or FTHR to 0
  • Overall - sped up the submit week process by 70%
v1.5.8 / v1.1.1

Dance moves like Micheal Jackson

Nov, 3rd 2021

Do you know what’s just as slick as Micheal Jackson’s moonwalk?

The slick transitions between all the screens in Spoked. Now they slide in right and left depending on the action you take. Plus, there is now a referral code in the register page - watch this space.

Lastly, we’ve made tweaks to the profile, sessions and the flow of when you enter Spoked for the first time.


  • Sign in - new referral code input created. The foundation to share personal codes and link in Spoked partners
  • Overall - slick transitions between screens moving right and left.


  • Profile - updated the colour of the icons
  • Sessions - have certain card open by default as page looked quite empty if they were all closed
  • Sessions - update the ride stats icons
  • Overall - improved the subscription check back end for a smoother experience logging in

v1.5.7 / v1.1.0

Making it easier to clip in

Oct 30th, 2021

There is something nice about the noise you make when you clip into your pedals on the first attempt. There is a nice snap. Now when you log into Spoked (you don’t need to do it often), we’ve added in Face/Touch ID so it's a nice and crisp experience. Just like the sound of clipping in.

Also, you can now input your lead training type; power, HR or feel. This sets the default setting when analysing your session instructions or feedback.


  • Sign in/Login - Use Face or Touch ID so you don’t need to enter your password
  • Profile - you’re able to set your led training type; power, heart rate or feel that impacts the default settings when you’re analysing your sessions and feedback
  • Home - add in a new blog; do sleep trackers work and should you trust it?


  • Sign in/Login - made the flow of logging back into smoother as it was quite jarring before because Spoked checked your subscription page
  • My Plan - can now move rides to Sunday. Odd bug that one.
v1.5.6 / v1.0.9

Tweaking the profile

Oct, 21st 2021

The antidote to a bad day is a good workout. How do you know if it’s any good? Well, to start it needs to be personalised to you and this is all we do. You’ll have a good workout waiting for you through the good and the bad days.

This week, we’ve tweaked the layout of the profile page and improved the experience when you don’t have any active plans. Plus we’ve removed a few particles but made it more punchier for the celebration moment when you upload your ride.


  • Profile - redesigned the page to improve the experience of starting a new plan and when there are no active plans


  • Upload - made the celebration moment more punchier
  • Progress - squashed bug where it wouldn’t load the progress page
v1.5.5 / v1.0.8

Improving the rider experience

Sep, 14th 2021

There has been a huge effort by the team to get Spoked into both app stores. Now, we have the app in there, the focus for this release was to tighten up the experience.


  • Profile - ensure the whole card is clickable, not just the text
  • Profile - back button for goals
  • Profile - edit age
  • Profile - be able to edit just FTHR without the FTP deleting
  • Profile - when in subscription, the profile tab is highlighted
  • Sign in - update password alert. Contact the Spoked team
  • Sign in - update the T&Cs link
  • Sign in - padding for alert so not crammed at the top of the screen
  • Plan builder - if an event goal was selected, be able to go back and select a performance goal
  • Plan builder - copy tweak to plans
  • Progress - if no sessions have been ridden, plan accuracy is low
  • Progress - be able to flick through the plan overview and Spoked points reflects the workload
  • Progress - update the legend in plan overview
  • Progress - sleep time reflects what is entered within the training plan
  • Progress - be able to switch to different weeks within the weekly report once weeks are completed
  • Progress - tighten up the process of adding and deleting new goals into the plan
  • Sessions - headers in help articles are fixed
  • Sessions - able to save a rest day
  • Sessions - able to move session to a day in the past within the current week
  • Sessions - can now reset an other activity
  • Sessions - skip session functionality now works
  • Sessions - Zwift FTP alert copy is dynamic and reflects rider’s FTP value
  • Session - help link directs riders to the help page
  • Sessions - able to connect to Garmin and TrainingPeaks within the export page
  • Sessions - help link inside menu links to the help page
  • Sessions - keeping Spoked points to whole numbers
  • Sessions - reset session functionality is more robust
  • Sessions - able to reset a ride uploaded with heart rate and power data
  • Upload - the CTA can be clearly accessed
  • Upload - updated the sleep question in regards how long it takes you to go to sleep
  • Upload - top statement copy is updated across all questions
  • Upload - tighten up the upload flow for Strava
  • Upload - when editing ride uploaded by Strava, data can be located
  • Upload - be able to upload simple data and edit the upload form if needed
  • Home - if no plan is created or your plan starts next week, the messaging is clear
  • Home - spaced out the elements on the page
  • Home - able to complete health stats from home page when in the current week
  • Edit time to train - single click for when saving activities
  • Edit time to train - added in dynamic copy to suggest weekly volume and number of rests per goal and phase
  • My Plan - be able to move through the weekly report. Button can be accessed.
  • My Plan - added more padding to the top of the screen
  • Overall - reduced the heart rate zone ranges for zone 5 and 6
  • Overall - improved the submitting week flow
  • Overall - if no plan is active, clear messaging to start a new plan
  • Overall - increase the padding for the footer to account for iphone users
  • Overall - added a ripple effort to clickable cards
  • Overall - improved the error handling responses to ensure nothing breaks
  • Overall - fixed API error when rider first arrives into Spoked and asks to build a plan, when active plan is already present
v1.5 / v1.03

Cool hover buttons, a clearer session breakdown and fixes

Sep, 23rd 2021

This is the second update the team has pushed and we’re chuffed with the results. Like last week, a lot of the focus has been tightening up the experience/work flows and squashing any pesky bugs.


  • Overall - when you go one level deep e.g. My Plan into Session, we’ve made the CTA clearer to see and action. There is a cool hover with a blur.
  • Overall - removed the main footer from main flows to create a clearer route of action
  • Home - updated the experience around submitting health stats from home. It now lays the groundwork to create a streak.
  • Sessions - updated the session breakdown to by highlighting cumulative time per set and number of reps
  • Edit time to train - a suggested weekly volume with number of rest days is aligned to each goal and phase
  • Sign in - updated the sign in page so it’s clear on how to to log in and moved T&Cs to register page from the first screen
  • Overall - new event based plan: Cyclocross
  • Overall - new performance goal: Getting back into fitness


  • Plan builder - The main button is consistent across all pages
  • Plan builder - fixed the bug by be able to scroll off the page when picker is active
  • My plan - when selecting a previous week, stopped the overflow that pushed the screen to the right
  • My plan - added animation to the week selector
  • My plan - when you’re in week 2 of your plan, and click back into My Plan. Fixed the loading as it would show week 1 title
  • My plan - can not go more than 1 week into the future
  • My plan - able to submit event week and generate next week
  • Profile - when Garmin, Strava or TrainingPeaks account are connected, highlight they’re connected
  • Profile - back arrow works instantly in the subscription page
  • Profile - confirmation alert when a rider updates their FTP or FTHR
  • Profile - update subscription page, so restore CTA is outline
  • Progress - swapped the plan accuracy for weekly report to be fixed inside the header
  • Progress - able to highlight the top 10 milestones of a given milestone duration
  • Progress - removed the clickable state of the phase card inside plan overview
  • Progress - recovery week was not being shown, even though it was generated.
  • Sessions - fixed the header for the event session
  • Sessions - updated the copy in menu option to ‘Edit duration or type’
  • Sessions - updated the copy for main CTA to ‘Upload activity’
  • Sessions - updated the heading to state Spoked points for help article
  • Sessions - updated the alert for coming soon within help article
  • Sessions - fixed the skip ride pop up with reason selected and copy
  • Sessions - removed the blue press state when confirming moving a session
  • Sessions - made sure a rider can more any session to any day within the current week
  • Sessions - if the session hasn’t been ridden before, ensure pre session feedback is presented
  • Sessions - removed the duration and planned difficulty from event
  • Sessions - removed duration and planned difficulty from event card
  • Edit time to train - fixed the bug when adding/removing free rides when a rider has edited their goal
  • Plan builder - updated model for FTP / FTHR estimations for riders to get started
  • Upload - removed connect account in step 1
  • Home - added in the What’s new article into home
  • Home - fixed the mismatch of what is shown on My Plan and Home
  • Home - removed any sessions that were attached to an older goal
  • Overall - fixed the error around when adding in a new goal, then deleting

v1.5.1 / v1.0.4

Edit your time to train with ease

Sep, 29th 2021

Now onto our third update. That's has gone quick! In this release, we’re pleased to report not as many bugs were reported, maybe we’ve got them all. We’ve chuffed with the design improvements around the edit to train form and Zwift export for iOS works like a charm now.


  • Time to train - updated the form to make it easier to flick between the days to edit your rides and other activities
  • Upload - celebratory animation for when you upload a ride or complete an other activity
  • Overall - improved the UX by turning the help centre, uploads and edit to train form screens into modals
  • Sessions - export your Spoked session into a zwo.file on iOS


  • Sessions - Zwift export now works for iOS
  • Sessions - can move any activity to any day within the current week
  • Plan builder - date validation to ensure you can’t start a plan in the past
  • Progress - squashed bug around weekly report km total
v1.5.2 / v1.0.5

What is measured is improved

Oct, 7th 2021

We feel like we’ve turned a corner now, where the emphasis is less on bug squashing but rather optimising your experience within the current feature set in Spoked. A lot of the time was focused on redesigning the home page to help build positive habits that focus on steps before you achieve a PB session.


  • Home - habit tracker. If only half the tasks are completed for the day e.g. health stats are completed but you haven’t completed your session, you’ll receive a half green circle. A full green circle is when all the activities have been completed.


  • Profile - Edit email and password screen
  • Home - redirected back to home instead my plan when viewed a session
  • Home - new training article; How you should build your winter training plan
  • Edit time to train - Date and days are shorten
  • Edit time to train - fixed overflow of buttons
  • Sessions - cumulative time is shown instead of rep time within the session breakdown
  • Sessions - sped up time to see post session stats
  • Sessions - removed menu title from event session
  • Overall - reduce the boxes attached to the blue header for consistency

v1.5.3 / v1.0.6

Looking after the links

Oct, 16th 2022

Did you know there are 116 links in a cycling chain? Each link is just as strong as each other. If one is to break, you're not going anywhere fast.

The same thing can be said for Spoked. This week the team has reinforced the code (links) to ensure you have a smooth experience. The main area of focus was logging back in to ensure the payment screen didn’t flash and you were stuck on any loading screens after an update


  • Sessions - new animation for when there is a FTP/FTHR change


  • Profile - increased the max weight to 250 kg
  • Sessions - 2 API calls for indoor and outdoor
  • Sessions - removed the tip within event session card
  • Upload - tweaked the upload form to match event day activity
  • Sign in - when signing in, the graphs would not swipe correctly
  • Overall - introduced a new loading screen to avoid the ‘payment screen’ flashing when opening the Spoked app up
  • Overall - ensured no rider is stuck on loading screens when a new update is made
  • Overall - modal screens full on ipad
  • Overall - removed the publication date for insight articles
  • Subscription - if signed up to Alpha/Beta version of Spoked, removed the errors that may appear. They have no impact on any functionality.
v1.5.4 / v1.0.7