Take your business further with personalised training

Spoked makes it simple for your business to create more holistic and engaging training experiences so you can focus on what you’re known for.

Why Spoked?

Your customers are faced with too much training data and not enough actionable insight. It makes it hard to know what they should focus on each day and can be overwhelming.

Spoked will help you turn this data into simple, flexible and personalised training plans that offer tangible and meaningful insights. No other platform on the market does that for you.

By partnering together, we’ll create clarity and confidence for your customers, and help them get more out of their training. It will also help you go further as a business, creating a new revenue stream in a way that doesn’t take time and energy away from your core business.

5 ways you can partner with Spoked

Creating true personalised training plans is expensive and time consuming. Sure you might be able to do it yourself, but businesses have raised millions of pounds to execute it. So instead of raising millions to add personalised training to your brand, you can execute it in a matter of weeks not years at a fraction of the cost.
#1 Share the Spoked app
Offer your customers a unique Spoked code to train with Spoked when they engage with your products and services
#2 Readiness and training scores
Embedding useful, personal feedback loops inside your product will increase engagement, guidance around workout selection and training insight.
#3 Personalised workouts
Having a vast workout library isn’t differentiating, being able to suggest the top 3 workouts based on your customer's health and performance data is.  
#4 Full plan experience
Take it one step further by leveraging the Spoked engine to scale the workouts and deliver personalised and flexible training plans based on customer's demands.
#5 AI-assisted coaching
Introducing the coach into the process will scale their personalised touch, build a community and create a new market for your business.

#1 Share the Spoked app with your customers

The easiest way to partner with Spoked. Offer your customers a unique Spoked code to train with Spoked when they engage with your products and services. They enjoy all the benefits of personalised training, while your business creates a new revenue stream, more meaningful engagement and smarter product and marketing decisions.

#2 Readiness and training rating

The first option to integrate with Spoked. Provide tangible and actionable guidance to help your customers decide on how they should approach their training. With their own readiness score and training rating made from personal feedback and health/training data, your customer will have clarity in understanding how the score was calculated. This builds confidence and ownership that will create a positive relationship with your brand.

#3 Personalised workouts

Step up the level of personalisation and ease. Suggest what daily workout or category your customers should try based on their personal rider and health data. Simply organising workout libraries by time and intensity offers little value. Instead, offer them personalised suggestions that help them get more out of their training.

#4 Full plan experience

Get the full experience. Guide your customers to build their plan, edit their week and make session-by-session adjustments based on real, simple insight into how they’re progressing. Plus, we can leverage the unique insights and metrics you already gather within our personalised training engine to take your product experience to the next level.

#5 AI-Assisted coaching

The smarter way to leverage coaches’ insights. The AI tech will do the work for you, supporting coaches and even athletes to make decisions around how best to edit and deliver personalised training plans. Let coaches focus on what they’re good at by removing admin intensive tasks and drive deeper engagement with both coaches and riders.

Curious about how this looks under the hood?

There is nothing worse than giving your developers an extra headache. We understand they’re juggling a million and one things. So we pride ourselves on documentation. Check out out API document and Swagger end points.
API Documentation
Everything you need to know to build on top of Spoked to add into your brand.
View API documentation
Swagger Endpoints
Check out Spoked's easy to read Swagger end points.
View Swagger endpoints

Frequently Asked questions

Who is this for?

This is for all types of businesses. It ranges from online virtual worlds, coaching platforms, coaches, event business, retail, hardware and many more. It doesn't matter if you're software-based or not, we'll have a custom solution for you.

Can I customise the options to suit my business product?

Yes you can. Think of these options as starter ideas that we can build and customise to your needs.

Does my business need to be a software product?

Not at all. We can easily white label certain features or the whole Spoked app for your business.

How much does it cost to partner with Spoked?

It will vary depending on the level of customisation and usage. Let’s organise an intro call and go from there.

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