How we're redesigning the session page in Spoked

Richard Lang
2 min

They say first impressions count and that definitely rings true when you first arrive into a new app. Especially, when you’re deciding should I put my faith into this tool to help me with my cycling. So with this in mind, our team has been working on improving the first 60 seconds of when you first arrive into Spoked. The goal is it needs to be clear, simple and guide you to that “aha moment” where you think “yeh I’ll give this a go”.

I’ve been riding for 17 years (geez I feel old just typing that) and at times I can almost take it for granted the knowledge developed over that time. When you use Spoked, you have a shortcut into our team’s experience to level up. Therefore, we need to remove as many barriers as possible. It can be as simple as a one word change. I’ve been amazed at the impact this has had.

One of the areas we’re redesigning is the session page, pre-upload. We want you to clearly grasp what is expected of you. So here is an outline of how we’re tackling it. It would be great to hear what you think. Please reach out to us on our socials at - @spokedhq

The main actions


Your main actions were sitting behind a menu, which we thought was a good idea to keep the page clean. However, through feedback we learnt people missed this.

The menu within Spoked


Bringing the menu options to the top of the page

We’ve brought these forward to the top of the page, so it’s clear what actions you can achieve. We’ll still keep a “menu” there, but this will give you quick access to your profile, settings, help and log out.



We lacked a high level snapshot of what is expected of you today that all levels of riders could read and understand.


A high level snapshot of what is expected from you today

Now there is a snapshot of what is expected. We think if you just look at this card, you’re clear on what you need to achieve from a high level.

Workout overview


Indoor breakdown of the session breakdown
A road focused session breakdown

We presented to you a list of grouped efforts that you needed to achieve throughout your ride. You also had the ability to switch this to a road overview, to understand the cumulative time in each zone you needed to target.


A new way to present the session breakdown to you

Through your feedback you wanted to see a visual representation of the session you needed to achieve. As much as I thought, there is nothing special about this graph. You do see it everywhere and why should we build it in Spoked? However, I underappreciated this is one of the best ways to communicate what it’s on the menu today.

Alongside the visual representation, we’ve improved the way we communicated the total time in each zone. It was nice in a graph formatt, but you had to click on each bar. Now we just list it out.

Plus we’ve tweaked the session breakdown where we’ll list out the efforts (without grouping). So you can easily identify how long your efforts are with the suggested amount of recovery. Also, there is a quick link to “view your zones” within the workout breakdown. In your session breakdown, we highlight where in the zone you should ride - high, mid, low. But through your feedback you still wanted to know the full range for the zone.

Focus on and Overall

Ride feedback on what you need to focus on and how this session will help you with your cycling

We’ve kept this the same as it provides a nice bit of insight into one thing you need to focus on today. Plus why and how this session helps you with your cycling.

Session facts

We’ve removed this in the new session page, as the majority of this information is captured in the ride snapshot. Plus we’re shifting the week and foundation info in the weekly report and you can view this in progress page already.

Session facts about today's session

Final thoughts

Our approach to building Spoked is science backed, coach led and rider shaped. Therefore every touch point has been influenced by to help other riders level up their knowledge base and fitness. Lastly, here is what it will look like pieced all together.

The new Spoked session page - coming soon

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