Bring AI-driven training plans to your customers

Spoked technology is simple and easy to leverage. It’s training your customers will enjoy. And it’s here to help your business.
What is Spoked?

A sports AI system for training

Say goodbye to offering cookie-cutter training schedules that fail to adapt to individual lifestyles, goals, and training needs. If you’re a software business to a product based business or even an individual wanting to increase your customer base - we can work together.

To help you achieve your business goals, Spoked’s algorithms are based on a blend of three key elements that create that point of differentiation within your competitive market.

Backed by science

The foundation of the algorithms with are based on the latest science and research within the fitness and health industry. This provides the basis for the plan adjustments.

Led by expert coaches

What science says and what actually works in the real world don’t always match. Spoked offers the option to influence the AI model based on varied coaching methodologies and insights.

Shaped by athletes

The perfect plan is one that can adjust to everyday life and keep the athletes on track to achieve their goals. Everything we do is road tested by our athlete community.

Create powerful experiences for your customers

We apply painstaking attention to detail to every stage of your customer’s training journey. We deliver our accumulated knowledge and expertise to you through a simple-to-use api all the way to you having your own training app - leaving you free to double down on your core competencies or extend your product offering.
Building the plan

When a new customer joins your community their plan needs to be personalised from day one.

  • Gather previous training data and understand their fitness and experience levels.
  • Help your customer set their goals and build a training plan to support this.
  • Allow your customer to set a training routine around their lifestyle. Anytime during the week they can adjust their training availability
  • Understand how your customer will measure progress and gauge session intensity. Will they use power, heart rate or simply train by feel.
Following the plan

A successful training plan is one that is flexible to your customer's everyday life stresses and training performances.

  • Spoked adjusts the plan based on your customer's training data and personal feedback.
  • Spoked's algorithms automatically alter the training load to ensure your customer maximises their training time.
  • Your customer can log life events at any time – injury, illness, holidays, menstrual cycle and the plan adapts.
  • Provide feedback on their sleep quality and physical and mental freshness. This can be integrated together with your current business’s features.
Reporting on the plan

Your customer needs to understand where they're heading and how they're going within their training plan.

  • Highlight how well your customer is following the plan. Progression is not always about producing a new benchmark result.
  • Link your customer benchmarks to their goals and training sessions. They'll know exactly what is expected and areas for improvement.
  • Create a clear picture of the customer’s training plan.
  • Data is reported back to your team that you can communicate with your customers
Why partner with Spoked?

Spoked makes it easier for you to get started

The right technology makes for a smarter and more profitable business. Having a personalised plan within your business offering, creates a number of benefits that start with your customer and lead to more profitable business outcomes.

Plug and train

We built Spoked from the ground up to integrate right into your existing tech stack. We provide uniform and seamless integration across your customer’s training plan within your product.

Data insights

Understand how and why your customer is training. This will provide your business with detailed insight to help make data informed decisions on your product, marketing, and business operations.

Save time and money

Reduce time-to-value by leveraging our AI technology at a fraction of the effort it would take to design, build and maintain from the ground up.

Increase your customer base

Lean on Spoked’s technology to support your customer’s training, which allows you to focus on the softer side of coaching and marketing your business.

Improve customer retention

Add another tier to your product offering. In doing so, you capture all the moments of your customer’s training journey. As a result, increasing retention and revenue.

Secure data storage  

Your customer data is important to us. We are transparent about what data we hold and your business will have direct access through your unique online portal.
How we can work together

More than a platform. A partner for your business. Here are 4 ways we can collaborate.

Leverage the raw APIS

Suitable for software based businesses
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Build on top of the SDKs

Suitable for software based businesses
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Design system and component library

Suitable for software or product/online based businesses
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A full white labelled app

Suitable for all businesses small or large
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Interested in partnering

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