What you need to know changing from old to new Spoked

Richard Lang
1 min

In September 2021 those riders who have been part of the Spoked journey from the early days were grandfather 6 months at £9.99 per month to use the new Spoked. Come the end of March 2022, the grandfather period is over. So what are the next steps?

When do you know your time is up?

A prompt outlining your time is up in the new Spoked will appear. This will direct you to the subscription page. You will then start paying the new price of £11.99 p/m. This payment is handled directly with Apple or Google, so in their settings is where you manage the new subscription.

I’ve paid for the new Spoked, how do I cancel my v.1 subscription?

It’s very straightforward, you can either head into the old app or access the web version here. Login and then head into settings where you’ll find your active subscription and click cancel.

Can I transfer my subscription and/or email?

Unfortunately not, they’re two separate systems.

I haven't create a account in new Spoked yet

Simply register as a new rider and you'll enjoy a 14 day free trial.

I've just paid my v.1 subscription

Please email us at hello@spoked.ai and we'll get this refunded sorted for you.

Where can I ask a question?

No worries, please send us an email to hello@spoked.ai