New pricing structure and trial activation

Richard Lang
1 min

Ever since we started building Spoked, we wanted to offer you a free tier where you can enjoy the benefits of following a flexible plan - something that provided you more value than a static training plan. However, always something else popped up of higher priority that focused on making Spoked as simple, flexible and personalised for you.

We’re proud to share that as of the w/c 19th December 2022 a new pricing structure and the way you start your trial will be implemented.

How you’ll activate your trial period

We found that people may start their trial period with Spoked, but wouldn’t use it straight away. You wanted to check it out and start it later. But later comes, and the trial is over.

Now, when you first sign up, you’ll start on the Starter Plan (free plan) where you can use Spoked with no commitments. Then when you’re ready, you start your 30 day free Pro trial. And to start this trial, it doesn’t require any card details. I think it’s poor form when apps ask you to enter your card details to start a trial. Then it’s on you to remember to cancel in time.

Spoked homepage with new subscribe button
You're in control on when you want to subscribe

At the end of this 30 day period, you either subscribe to Pro or Base, or simply drop back down to Starter. Nice and easy.

New pricing structure

There are going to be 3 tiers; Starter, Base and Pro.

Starter is the free plan. There are no commitments to subscribe to a paid tier. In this plan, you’ll enjoy most of the Spoked flexibility, you’re restricted to 3 uploads per week and most of the personalisation is stripped back.

Base is £3.99 p/m. You’ll use this plan when you might be in between goals or simply need some high level guidance on how you approach your training.

Pro is £9.99 p/m. This is where you’re committed and want to take advantage of a full flexible and personalised training plan.

What if I am currently paying £11.99 p/m

When this release goes live, you don’t need to act on anything. You’re next subscription charge will be £9.99 p/m.

Can I check the full feature breakdown?

I’ll update the pricing page when this feature goes live, but we’ve also shared the breakdown within our community - join our Discord channel here.

I have a question

It would be great to hear from you, please drop me a email at