How we can collaborate
There are 4 simple and easy options where your business can leverage the Spoked
technology to help with your business goals and customer’s fitness.
Option 1

Leverage the raw APIS

If you have an existing product or service and want to provide a greater level of personalization for your customers training, you can use our well documented APIs. Build your features with confidence, while saving time and money.
Option 2

Build on top of the SDK

Moving one layer up, you can have access to our unique package that allows your business to easily scale up and implement personalized training features into your product. This reduces the stress placed on your tech team and allows your business to focus on what you do best.
Option 3

Design system and component library

Simply plug in Spoked’s themable components into your existing product or embed them into your website. We’ve tried and tested these components to ensure they deliver a rich rider experience no matter your business’s technology stack. A quick and easy way to increase customer retention and business revenue.
Option 4

Have your own training app

No tech team, no worries. We can build and manage your own branded training app or add in the Spoked app into your current product offering. This allows your business to create a new stream of revenue, increase customer retention and double down on what you’re best at.

Common questions

If you have any further questions, get in touch with our friendly team
Do I need a tech team within my business?

Not at all. We've built Spoked to scale to all sizes of business and capabilities.

How can I test out Spoked in my business?

Quite easily. Spoked can be customised quickly so we can build a business case study together to understand how it can support your business. Please get in touch and we can dig into further.

What are the costs?

The costs will vary based on your requirements. Generally we operate on a one time set up and monthly management fee.

What else included within the technology offering?

When you partner with us, we act as self managed department of your business. We support with the marketing, documentation, queries and in doing so makes it's stress free for your business.

Can I see your API documentation?

Yes you can. Please get in touch -

Want to learn more?

Our team makes is easy for your business to deliver science based, AI driven training plans to your customers so you can focus on driving revenue and building your community.

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